About AI

Affective Interactions (LLC) is a R&D company exploring the Affective Computing, Flight Simulation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Wearable Technology. Affective Interactions seeks to develop and implement Affect Designs in order to make Affective Interactions a reality. Affective Interactions also offers ancillary aerial drone services.

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The Principal Computer Scientist is Dr. Shannon Moon, an  autodidact with a passionate interest in Affective Computing, Cognitive Psychology, Augmented Reality, Flight, Soaring, Virtual Reality, Simulation, and Gaming.

Dr. Moon holds a doctorate in Computer Science. She is a Harvard alumni, having earned a Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University. She also holds a BSSE, as well as a number of industry certifications related to software development.

She is a licensed Commercial Pilot, holding Instrument Airplane, Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, Multi-Engine Land, Glider (Sailplane) and is a H2 rated Hanglider pilot. She holds Ground Instructor ratings (CGI Advanced & Instrument), as well as Certified Flight Instructor(CFI / CFI-I Instrument, Airplane, and Glider). Dr. Moon also holds a Remote Pilot license for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). She is a Part 135 Airline Captain.