About AI

Affective Interactions (LLC) is a R&D company providing consulting services in the fields of Affective Computing, Flight Simulation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Wearable Technology. Affective Interactions seeks to develop and implement Affect Designs in order to make Affective Interactions a reality. Affective Interactions also offers ancillary aerial drone services.

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The Principal Computer Scientist is Dr. Shannon Moon, an  autodidact with a passionate interest in Affective Computing, Cognitive Psychology, Augmented Reality, Flight, Soaring, Virtual Reality, Simulation, and Gaming.

Dr. Moon holds a doctorate in Computer Science. She is a Harvard alumni, having earned a Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University. She also holds a BSSE, as well as a number of industry certifications related to software development.

She is a licensed Commercial Pilot, holding Instrument Airplane, Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea,  Glider (Sailplane) and is a H2 rated Hanglider pilot. She holds Ground Instructor ratings (Advanced & Instrument), as well as Certified Flight Instructor Airplane, Certified Flight Instructor Glider, and CFI Sport. Dr. Moon also holds a Remote Pilot license for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).